We tell stories to describe events and ideas in a meaningful and inspiring way – and create strong emotional connections with other people.

That’s why storytelling is such a vital skill for businesses who want to engage with their customers in a way that builds trust and affection.

And that skill is all the more needed at a time when a recent study by PR firm Edelman showed trust in the traditional institutions of business, government and media is in crisis.

Using storytelling to build trust

The latest version of our Fusion product – Fusion Horizon – is designed for companies who recognise the power of storytelling but don’t have the right tools or approaches in place to deal with the challenges and opportunities created by social media and social technology.


Fusion Horizon makes it faster and easier to find, develop and share inspiring stories from across your business. It lets you recruit potential storytellers from all parts of your organisation and give them a simple web and mobile app where they can share ideas, stories or photos with each other and with a central team.


The platform provides the tools for that team to collaborate with others in the organisation and develop the ideas into powerful stories that are ready to share.


The Media Relations team at Asda – the UK division of retail giant Walmart – use Fusion Horizon to find and share stories that generate lots of warm and positive sentiment on Facebook every week. These stories often demonstrate the friendly and helpful relationship Asda colleagues have with their customers – and the big role they play in their local communities. Hundreds of Asda colleagues at stores across the UK use Fusion Horizon to upload photos and stories and share them with the Media Relations team. The best of these are turned into social media posts that prompt comments from customers like “That’s why I love Asda” and positive Facebook conversations among customers and Asda employees at both a national and local level. Fusion Horizon also helps the Media Relations team find and share examples of customers sharing their own positive stories about Asda on social media – and amplify them further.


The key is putting employees and customers at the heart of the storytelling and recognising the power of word of mouth. Why? Because the old style of PR is dead. Your own content isn’t king. In the age of social media … word of mouth is king.


People don’t believe or listen to the “media spokesperson”, the senior executive or the company CEO – that’s one of the findings of the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer.


When people were asked “When forming an opinion of a company, whose information do you think is credible?” 60% said a person like myself – just 37% said the CEO.

When asked who within a business they most trusted to tell the truth about the way a company treated its customers, the top answer was the ordinary employee at 53%. The CEO was trusted by just 17% and the poor old media spokesperson by 9%.


There were similar answers when it came to credibility and trust around crisis handling, innovation and corporate social responsibility..


Fusion Horizon is designed to help you deal with this and put your storytelling in the hands of the people your customers trust most.

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