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At IMP we have a proven track record in providing internal and external communication teams with new and effective ways to inspire and engage with their audiences and connect them quickly with the information that matters.


The emergence of hybrid and remote working prompted by the Covid pandemic has created both challenges and opportunities for internal comms teams in particular.

We've been working with some of the UK's most innovative comms teams to help them deploy impactful and cost-effective tools and approaches that get the right messages to the right people in a way that's inspiring, relevant and quick to digest.


It's all about having the flexibility to:


  1. Quickly assemble lots of information and work collaboratively to turn it into visually and textually inspiring material

  2. Structure the material so different audiences can easily see at-a-glance the things each of them need to understand and act on

  3. Make further context, related reading and background information easily accessible for those who want to explore it

RyanAir on TikTok

The challenges comms teams face is knowing their audiences often have limited time to engage with their messages – and that both the source content and the people who need it are often fragmented and scattered across multiple locations.


We can help you create and present your messages and supporting content in a way that cuts through and inspires different people in different ways – recognising that the journey doesn't end with you getting your key messages across but in empowering  people to engage and explore things further on their own.


Get in touch today to talk to one of our senior consultants about the different ways we can help you.

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