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Peanuts, kitten ears and the Beyoncé of tech – learning new things at SXSW

They say you learn something new every day... and at SXSW that’s definitely true. There’s always something going on and something to see that you didn’t know you needed – like kitten ears that will correct your posture?!

James Donn: Mr Lion I have a story. When walking around the trade show at SXSW in Austin today, I found one of the most amazing pieces of technology designed to fix a problem I didn’t even know needed fixing. Cleverly disguised as a pair of fluffy cat ears on an even fluffier headband… they’re actually fitted with a motion detection device which senses if you’re standing with poor back posture and twitches the ears to let you know. How can you not want one?

Samantha Crawford: I learnt something new today - I discovered that peanuts come from a plant and grow underground! It sounds ridiculous but I genuinely had never thought about where they come from. Well, every day is a school day I guess.

@jennaroses: At SXSW I learned I always dance with both feet leaving the floor at all times. I also saw the Beyoncé of tech.

The Lion that was at the centre of 18th Century coffee house culture is roaring again at SXSW 2017.
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