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"I love quirky stuff and boy, this was the place to be"

If you’re a gadget fan like Karl then head to the South By Southwest trade show. He told the Lion what stood out to him... and his wife’s gadget rule!

Karl Venkman: I stopped by the SXSW trade show this afternoon. I overheard someone saying it was huge and packed with the latest tech and being a gadget freak it sounded like the perfect way to spend a few hours. What a mix. There’s pretty much something for everyone. VR plays a big part this year with everything from VR development to RPGs and 360 video. There’s also an awesome 8k VR ride with a 2 person motion seat which looked really cool – but I didn’t hang around – I was headed to the gadgets. I love quirky stuff and boy, this was the place to be. But here’s the deal… the wife is cool with me buying gadgets, but we have this 1-in 1-out policy. She’ll let me buy a gadget, but I gotta let one go. I love my PS4, the Alexa’s way cool, and don’t even get me started on my Dyson fan. But hey, I’ve just gotta get me some of these robotic coat hangers!

Here's the creator Momoka Nakayama, who's a student at the University of Tokyo, showing us how they work:

The Lion that was at the centre of 18th Century coffee house culture is roaring again at SXSW 2017.
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