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Out of this world experiences in Austin

One of the best things about SXSW is the chance you get to bump into interesting people you wouldn’t usually talk to. Often these random conversations become the most memorable highlights of the whole event. They can you help you make new connections, shape your thinking and take you to a totally different place – sometimes literally.

At the Trade Show this year you can chat to a Nasa scientist, try on a futuristic spacesuit and learn how to fly like a bird…

Jeff Kain: Just had one of the most educational science lessons ever from a very knowledgeable NASA engineer. I think that's the first time I've ever met a rocket scientist and certainly from NASA. He taught me all about Exoplanets which are planets that orbit a star, just like Earth orbits the sun. He told me that NASA are working hard to find an exoplanet capable of supporting life AND develop a travel or propulsion method capable of getting us there. A model showed all the exoplanets they've discovered so far with a tiny bead representing 1 planet and coloured based on its size relative to Earth. It would currently take more than a human's lifetime to reach our nearest exoplanet and we wouldn't have enough fuel to get there and back - but who knows what's around the corner given these very clever men and women are working around the clock to find the answer. Mind blown!

#trinanina1: SXSW is the most awesome event in Austin. You can be a local or out of towner and get an out of world experience. Listening to so many people around you takes you to a venue that is nothing that you would have experienced without their help.

Tech X: Before you leave SXSW, take time to check out the birdly flight simulator in the convention centre trade show. Strap yourself on to the horizontal VR board, put on the goggles, hold the paddles and glide freely around the skies of New York whilst wind gently blows your hair. One of the best experiences of my life and so utterly utterly lifelike. Wow! Just wow!

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